Camps-at-a Glance

2020 Camps/Retreats-at-a Glance

Fishing Adventure
This is the perfect week for any young fishing enthusiast. We’ll take local day trips to great fishing holes, talk with local biologists about stream life, swap tips and tricks, and fish of this memorable week of camp. Deans: Wesley Forest Team

June 14-19      Grades 3-6      $410

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 4:00 pm

Singin’ It
This week is so much more than singing! Known for its wild and creative evening rec games, Singin’ It is the perfect way to kick off your summer break. Spend each morning practicing for Saturday’s worship concert and spend each afternoon with friends experiencing some of our summer’s most epic activities and adventures.
Deans: Lindsey Garner & Rick Robinson

June 14-20      Grades 7-12      $425

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Saturday with 10:00 am performance

Post Grads
Post Grads is for young adults navigating that post high school and college life. Experience real talk, learn practical real-life skills, get real guidance from relatable mentors, and experience really epic activities you never got to do as a summer camper. Deans: Jason & Michelle Garman

June 17-20      Ages 18-24      $115 - no early bird

Starts: Wednesday 12:00 pm; Ends: Saturday 10:00 am

Special Friends
Formerly called “Special Needs”, this event is a popular and memorable summer camp experience for youth and adults with special needs. Highlights of the week include the hallelujah games, field and parachute games, mealtime songs, boating and splashing around at the lake, interactive worship, and the always spectacular talent show. Deans: Annie Lowery, Nick & Marlania Panzer

June 21-25      Ages 15-40      $485

Starts: Sunday 2:00 pm; Ends: Thursday 6:00 pm

Mini Camp
This shortened week is for our youngest campers who may not be ready for a full week of camp just yet. Caring and attentive counselors will introduce campers to the best of Wesley Forest in such a way that both camper and parents will be ready for a full week of camp in the future. Deans: Wesley Forest Team

June 28-July 1      Grades 1-4      $250

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Wednesday 6:00 pm

Base Camp
This new spin on Base Camp will use WF as the hub for a week of day trips in Central PA. Explore some of the awesome destinations in our backyard while still enjoying camp favorites like worship, campfires, and the lake. Campers will make lifelong friends and memories as we practice living like Jesus everywhere we go. Camp fee covers all excursion costs. Dean: Sara Richardson

June 28-July 2      Grades 7-12      $398

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Thursday 7:00 pm

Family Camp
Extend your 4th of July weekend and share in this classic summer camp experience with your family. Dig into family devotional time, splash around in the lake, take a hike, play games in the field, and end every day with a campfire. This event is for everyone but ideal for ages 6 and up. Deans: Wesley Forest Team

July 5-8      Intergenerational      $105/person - first 4 persons, add’l person over 4 - $80/person - no early bird

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Wednesday 6:00 pm

C.L.A.W.S. stands for Crafts, Legos, and Wild Sports. This is an opportunity for you to creatively express yourself through craft activities, Lego projects, and exciting games. We’ll travel to Camp Mount Luther a few days to team up with other creative C.L.A.W.S. campers. While at Wesley Forest campers will be part of the Camp Splash community. It’s the best of both worlds! Deans: Camp Splash Deans & Wesley Forest Staff

July 12-17      Grades 3-6      $410

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 4:00 pm

Camp Splash
Cannonball into this classic week of camp with an all water theme! Play water-logged field games, hike up a creek, splash around in the lake, and cheer loudly during the always memorable annual all camp Gush Off. Deans: Doug Brown & Martina McCabe

July 12-17      Grades 3-6      $398

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 4:00 pm

Paired with Camp Splash, Soaked takes on a water theme for jr/sr high youth. Come for the slip n slide, water balloons, and creek stomps, but soon discover that Soaked is also about honest and true community, deep friendships, and discovering the love and acceptance of Jesus. Deans: Dave Poole & Jason Schwartzman

July 12-17      Grades 7-12      $398

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 4:00 pm

A week of camp for any young adventurer! We’ll spend our first day together learning basic and key skills of outdoor adventure before we pack up our gear and hit the trails! We’ll hike a local trail on an overnight backpacking trip before we launch canoes on a local water trail for an overnight excursion. Adventure awaits! (*Note: All campers must be proficient swimmers.) Deans: Michelle Schwartzman & Sam Modico

July 12-17      Grades 6-12      $410

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 4:00 pm

Foam machines, paint twister, water games, a messy obstacle course, and dye battles are the messy ingredients that make Messtival one of our wildest weeks of the summer. Add in goofy songs, smugglers and spies, and amazingly energetic counselors, and you’ve got a recipe for one awesome week of camp! Deans: Carolyn Shade & Jason Peno
July 19-24      Grades 3-6      $398

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 4:00 pm

Best Week of Your Life
Uncle Pete is nowhere to be found, but his ranch hand Ollie is here for the Over the Top, Outstanding, One and Only Olliempics! Come to find out who Uncle Pete and Ollie are, but leave transformed by deep friendships, applicable lessons about faith and Jesus, and memories that are sure to be part of the best week of your life. Deans: Jess & Chris Querry

July 19-24      Grades 7-12      $398

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 4:00 pm

Awesome Elementary
What makes Awesome Elementary so awesome? We’ll tell you! Daily sno-cones, spirit week inspired daily themes, Christmas in July, goofy counselors, youth led worship skits, a movie under the stars, plus all of the classic Wesley Forest summer camp activities. Deans: Laura & Steve May

July 26-31      Grades 3-6      $398

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 4:00 pm

Venture is best known for being the biggest event of the summer! It’s also known for: the summer’s longest slip n’ slide, the most epic ultimate frisbee and volleyball competition, awesome outdoor worship, relational counselors, silly post-meal songs, classic camp activities, and so much more. Deans: Rich Morris & Jim Brumbaugh

July 26-31      Grades 7-12      $398

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 4:00 pm

Wacky Week
Wacky Week is all wacky: messy games, hilarious music, silly activities, even our Bible studies get crazy; we’ll be eating breakfast on the beach at the lake! While we love to get crazy, we love Jesus even more. That’s why Jesus is at the heart of everything we do. Smiles, laughs, and Jesus – join in the fun! Deans: Kelley Price & Kristin Hoover

August 2-7      Grades 2-6      $398

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 4:00 pm

In addition to the classic Wesley Forest fun, games, and activities, Ignite can best be summarized in 3 words: real, relational, relevant. There’s something uniquely special about this event in that we focus on real life and real faith conversations. We invite you to come as you are, and we really mean it. Deans: Mindi Gochnaur & Brent Salsgiver

August 2-7      Grades 7-12      $398

Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 4:00 pm

Wanderwomen: BackpackingADVENTURE
This is a backpacking trip led by women, for women. An event for the first-time backpacker and the novice adventurer. Gain confidence as you learn lessons in Leave No Trace, tips on gear, and how to confidently prepare for an outdoor adventure in God’s Inspiring creation. Experience a beginner friendly trail and a night of sleeping in the woods. All participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Leaders: Beth Jones & Emily Sliski

September 18-20      Females Age 12+      $95/person - no early bird

Starts: Friday 7:00 pm; Ends Sunday 3:00 pm

Accio Fun!
The magic is back! Join us for this cosplay weekend as a prominent school for witches and wizards holds their next open house. The weekend will be filled with fun and faith discoveries! We will discuss how we are pushed by the love of Jesus to vanquish selfishness, pride, and ego. We’ll compare that story to a certain boy wizard who was called to do the same. Leaders: Jason & Michelle Schwartzman

October 30- November 1      Grades 5-10      $170/person - no early bird

Starts: Friday 7:00 pm; Ends: Sunday 11:00 am