Wesley Forest Lodging


These lodges are identical to one another.  Each lodge has two bedroom and bathroom wings on either side of a large common room.  Each wing includes four separate bedrooms; each room having a single bed and bunk bed.  The beds are comfortable twin size mattresses, and the rooms are carpeted and have individual heat control.  The bathroom in each wing has two sinks, two toilets, and two showers, with one of the bathrooms in each lodge being accessible to guests with disabilities.  The large common room in the center of each lodge has a wood burning stove woodstove, several tables and chairs, several pieces of upholstered furniture, a small refrigerator, a snack area, a hot beverage bar area, a large easel with newsprint and markers.  Both lodges include a mounted flat screen TV with HDMI hook up, and use of DVD player.  Each lodge sleeps a total of 24.


This historic, large, and cozy log building and outer cabins are the original 1930’s structures on the property. The first floor of Penns Creek Lodge is a comfortable group gathering space complete with wood burning stove, couches, full-size refrigerator, dining table, a large easel with newsprint and markers, and TV/DVD.  The second floor of Penns Creek Lodge has five bedrooms, each with three bunk beds for a sleeping total of 30.  All bedrooms are individually heated.  The upstairs bathroom has two toilets, two sinks, and two showers.

Across an indoor breezeway is the Annex.  The first floor of the Annex includes a bathroom with two sinks, two toilets, and two sinks.  The second floor of the Annex has two bedrooms, each with three bunk beds for a sleeping total of 12.  All bedrooms are individually heated.

The highlight of Penns Creek Lodge is the deep front porch that overlooks Penns Creek.

Combined, the Lodge and Annex sleeps 42 people.

This small and comfortable one room cabin is ideal for the perfect get away by yourself, or with your significant other, close friends, or your family.  The cabin includes a small kitchenette complete with your basic cooking needs, desk and chair, card table with chairs, wood burning stove, electric heat, and bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower.  The cabin sleeps a total of 5 people between a comfortable double mattress and single mattress bunk bed and two beds in the loft

*LICK RUN CABIN (at Penns Creek)
This cozy cabin consists of one large heated room with four bunk beds, and a loft with two single beds. Total sleeping capacity is 10. The main room also includes a wood burning stove, small table with chairs, and a couch.  The heated bathroom includes a large shower stall, toilet, and sink.
*WEIKERT RUN CABIN (at Penns Creek)
This creek side cabin consists of one large heated room with three bunk beds, sleeping a total of 6. The heated bathroom includes a shower, toilet, and sink.

The 11 Lakeside Cabins are summer cabins without any indoor heat, therefore they are only available for group rental May 1 – May 30, and mid August – mid October.  Each of the identical cabins has four bunk beds and one single bed for a total of 9 sleeping guests.  Each cabin has a large exhaust fan that helps keep the cabin cool in the warm weather.  The front porch of each cabin is the ideal hangout spot.  A large and clean bathhouse is used by all Lakeside Cabin guests.  The bathhouse is divided by gender and each side includes multiple sinks, toilets, and shower stalls.

*Note on LICK RUN, WEIKERT RUN, and LAKESIDE CABINS: There are no refrigeration or cooking facilities in any of these cabins.  If your group is less than 15 people, you may take your meals at the Mussina Dining Hall if another group is sharing the camp. Otherwise, persons staying in this cabin will need to take their meals at nearby community restaurants. If you have questions about the availability of meals, contact the office at Wesley Forest by phoning (570) 922-1348.



The Dining Hall is a large multi-purpose room.  It can fit nearly 200 guests at round tables seating 6-8 each for meals. Take away the tables and it becomes a lecture hall, an indoor Movie Theater, a worship area, and a rainy day recreation area.  Our delicious home-cooked meals are served 3 times a day with plenty of nutritious mealtime options to suit everyone. A large porch offers benches for the best of porch talks.  Like many homes, the dining area hosts a lot of action and conversation throughout the day.

All meals will be prepared and served in Mussina Dining Hall by the food service staff.  To live into our mission of creating and strengthening community, guests will set their own tables, serve one another family style during meal time, and help one another clean up after each meal.  During meal time, the Dining Hall will be shared with other groups who are also staying on site.  Those with food allergies and special diets must communicate their needs with the food service staff at least a week prior to arrival.  Under some circumstances, special diet guests will be asked to bring along supplemental food in order to help us take best care of you.



Ideal for groups of for 8 to 16 participants, the course is comprised of 18 stations creative thinking.  Communication, teamwork, and some physical exertion is needed in order to accomplish the goal of each station. The program emphasizes communication skills and group cooperation rather than individual accomplishment.  This program is led by a trained facilitators and all participants must sign an activity waiver in order to participate.  This is a weather dependent program.  Please contact the Wesley Forest Center Director for scheduling inquiries.






Our spacious open-air pavilion is centrally located on Wesley Forest near the trial heads of some of our most popular hikes.  It is a great spot for gathering and celebrating for groups up to 100.  A charcoal grill and fire circle with benches are available for use.  Large picnic tables are available for use and kerosene lamps will light your way during evening activities.



This three-sided pavilion has six large picnic tables and a covered charcoal grill.  It's near Weikert Run and Penns Creek bodies of water.  Located next to the Arts and Crafts Center, this pavilion could be used as additional space for any kind of event, family gathering, or church picnic.  Ideal for groups of 50 or less.




In the 1930s this long log building was used as the garage for Penns Creek Lodge.  Currently five very large craft tables sit where the limousines used to park. This building has lots of space for crafts and other large projects.  The local middle school uses it at their "science lab" for their Outdoor Education class.  Located next to the Penns Creek Pavilion, this space can be utilized in many ways!  This building is not available for use in the late Fall and Winter months.


Please no personal pets on site.  Service animals are welcome.


If you have any questions related to specific facilities at Wesley Forest Camp and Retreat, you may speak with the Center Director, Emily Sliski by phoning (570) 922-1348 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If there is no answer, please leave a message, indicating your name, area code and phone number, the day and time you called, and the nature of your questions. Emily will return your call in a timely manner.