Meet the Staff: Emily Sliski - Center Director

Emily 2015



My Experience with Camp and Retreat Ministry: My first experience at camp was the Family Fishing Retreat Weekend at Wesley Forest when I was young. During that event I got to sleep in the bunks, eat the camp food, hike and enjoy the outdoors with my family.   That weekend had me hooked on camp, and I started attending summer camp at Wesley Forest when I was in 5th grade.  I returned to camp every summer after that in varying forms - as a camper, a Lifeguard, a Nature/Resource facilitator, and a volunteer counselor.  At camp, I found God in my friends’ faces, in my experiences, and in nature; His greatest and grandest cathedral of all!   This is also where I discovered my passion for getting people unplugged from their every day lives and having them connect with God in nature.  Because of this discovery, I studied Outdoor Recreation and Leadership Studies in college, and I have always worked in the outdoor adventure/recreation field.  In summary, camp changed my life!

Things I like to do with my family: My family consists of Johnathan, my husband, and Dixie, our dog and the camper’s favorite craft thief.  We love exploring and adventuring!  You can often find us day hiking, backpacking, road tripping, rock climbing, fishing, boating, exploring back roads in our Jeep, star gazing and in general just lounging outside. 

Things I like to do in my free time: I love reading, and I love learning.  I read all kinds of books: adventure, travel, mystery, history, how-to, inspirational.  And I love learning about the world around me: flora, fauna, and how we can use it, protect it and cultivate it.  If I'm not reading, I’m catching up with friends and family, gardening, or treasure hunting in local antique and thrift stores.